Hello! we are Web Hosting & Design Company. We specialized in Web Design and Web Development.

 We are not only top rated web development company, we also offer superior web hosting services to our clients who need hosting in different types such as: the Cheap VPS hosting plans for those who are in budget, Cheap SEO HOSTING plans for those who need different c-class ip hosting at affordable price, cheap vps web hosting for those who needs dedicated hosting environment without sharing any resources with others (has its own container), last not least cheap dedicated server for whose need powerful dedicated server with fully redundancy and security. We are partner with amazon aws hosting to offer cloud hosting which you can scale up & down on the fly without breaking your wallet. All our hosting and development using SAMSUNG SSD EVO 860

  • WhatsApp notifications

    • Alert by WhatsApp
    • API Configurable
    • He sent of Images
    • Multiple numbers 5-10
    • Support 24/7
  • Hosting and Domain

    • 99,9% Uptime
    • Daily Backup
    • dedicated servers
    • CloudLinux OS/Cpanel 11
    • SSD Speed Boost up to faster 300%
    • Support 24/7
  • Design/Development Web

    • Design/I develop Webpages (Responsive)
    • Landing Page
    • Virtual stores
    • Systems Online
    • Ambient Apps Web
  • E-mail Marketing

    • Campaigns E-mail Marketing
    • Designs for its Sent Campaigns
    • Statistics of Campaigns
    • Cleaning of Bases
    • 90% of reception in Inbox
    • Bulk Email Hosting Included
  • SMS Marketing

    • SMS campaigns Marketing
    • Messages of 160 characters
    • Statistics of Sent Campaigns
    • Cleaning of Bases
    • Operators: Movistar, Clearly, CNT

    • Positioning Web
    • Optimization CATHEDRAL, for finders
    • Analytical tools (Google Analytics)
    • Keywords
    • Google Maps positioning
  • Bug Fix

    • Errors or bugs in Pages
    • Errors or bugs in Platforms
    • Errors or bugs in Plugins/Units
    • Bugs in HTML, JQUERY, CSS3, PHP, MYSQL
    • Updates
  • Customized works

    • Customized systems
    • Plugins/Customized Units
    • Customized codes
    • Customized designs
    • Customized interfaces
  • Social networks

    • Creation accounts Social Networks
    • Personalisation Facebook, Youtube, Google +, etc.
    • Community Manager
    • Increase of Likes, Followers
    • Apps Facebook









process of work in 3 steps

The process for the creation of a webpage consists of 3 passages of which your collaboration is important so that your site is exactly what you hoped and serves for the intentions that you wish.

Planning and Structure

To plan and to create a graphical structure. The form in which the content is structured Web will be determining so that the users find what they look for.

Design and Development

We use a variety of tools to generate a modern Web which adapts to the modern standards of programming.

Tests and Give

In this stage the final details of your website are verified and functionality tests are realised, once verified is come to raise situated the Online one.